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Blizzards, freeze-thaw cycles and frigid temperatures place extraordinary stress on your roof. While most are designed to withstand harsh wintry conditions, roof failures can occur when these systems are pushed beyond their limits. Heavy snow is a major concern. In Minnesota, we certainly get our share.

Snow, especially wet snow, can be extremely heavy if it is allowed to sit for too long on your roof. Snow melts and turns to ice. When additional snow falls it repeats the process, adding additional weight to your roof. Excess weight on your roof can cause leaks and even cause parts of the roof to collapse. The more snow that falls on your roof, the greater the danger.

Building code addresses the amount of snow a roof should be designed to handle depending on snow fall averages. Most new homes are built to these codes, but older homes, especially those with flat roofs, may have been built under different codes and therefore present a greater risk of roof compromise.

The required roof snow loads for Minnesota can be found by using Table R301.2 (1) of the Minnesota Administrative Rules. This table says that roof snow loads equal .7 times the ground snow load. To find the ground snow load, use section 1303.1700 of the Minnesota Administrative Rules. The southern portion of Minnesota, which includes the Twin Cities metro area, uses a ground snow load of 50 pounds per square foot. For the Twin Cities metro area, the ground snow load equals 35 pounds per square foot, or .7 x 50.

So how much snow does this equal? It depends. As everyone knows, cold fluffy snow is very light, while wet snow can be extremely heavy.

Ice & Snow Is Extra Weight on Your Roof

Determining the weight of snow:
Fresh snow: 10-12 in. of new snow is equal to one in. of water, or about 5 lbs per square foot of roof space, so you could have up to 4 ft. of new snow before the roof will become stressed.

Packed snow: 3-5 in. of old snow is equal to one inch of water, or about 5 lbs per square foot of roof space, so anything more than 2 ft. of old snow could be too much for your roof to handle.

Total accumulated weight: two ft. of old snow and two ft. of new snow could weigh as much as 60 lbs per square foot of roof space, which is beyond the typical snow load capacity of most roofs.

If there's ice, it's much heavier, with one inch equaling about a foot of fresh snow.

Let the Professional MN Roof Snow Removal Experts Handle It

When snow removal is necessary, using the wrong shovel can be a big mistake. Many roofs are ruined that way. That's why it is so important to contact the professionals at Minnesota Leafless Gutters when the snow is accumulating on the roof. For safe snow removal that won't endanger you or damage your roof, contact us at 612-221-0362!

Minnesota Leafless Gutters provides service to the entire Twin City Metro area and beyond. Call us today and discover the quality of our products and services, and also why Tim has become known as “The House Doctor” whose knowledge and standards of service can always be counted on.

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